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Name:Magnificent Seven (2016) Goodnight/Billy Exchange
Location:United States of America
Posting Access:Select Members, Moderated
Community description:Magnificent Seven (2016) Goodnight/Billy
This is an anonymous gift exchange for the pairing of Goodnight/Billy from the movie The Magnificent Seven (2016). It will be running from October to January.


This is an anonymous gift exchange. Signing up as a participant means you are agreeing to produce one fanwork for another recipient that fits one of their prompts and meets the rating/category/warning standards set. Your fanwork must meet one of the following criteria at minimum (no maximum size limitations):
fanfic of 1000 words or more
2D fanart that meets the following standards:
1 medium complexity fanart or,
1 banner or,
10 icons

Because the creators are anonymous until reveals happen on January 8th on AO3, please do not post your fanwork somewhere else or link to your fanwork before that date.

If you need to default for any reason, please contact the moderator as soon as possible by email at:

Sign ups: October 8 - October 29, 2016
Assignments sent: November 6, 2016
check in: December 10, 2016
Works should be posted to the AO3 no later than: January 8, 2017
Works will go live: January 15, 2017
Creators will be revealed: January 22, 2017


(kindly built off the Ante Up Losers FAQs with permission).

So how do I participate?

All you have to do is complete this sign-up form at the AO3. I advise that you follow the Dreamwidth community or tumblr for important updates and information. In particular you will want to bookmark or follow one for the mandatory December check-in.

You do not have to have a Dreamwidth account or Tumblr to participate. Dreamwidth allows you to join, subscribe, and comment to community posts with Open ID. And I will allow anonymous commenting on the check-in post there.

However, if you'd like a Dreamwidth account, you can go to their create free account page to create one.

What if I don't have an Archive of Our Own (AO3) account?

If you need an AO3 invite code, you can either visit Archive of Our Own and put your name and e-mail address in the queue(this may take a while, so please do so immediately to get it in time for the due date). You can also email the moderator at and request an AO3 code, and I'll see what I can do to help you.

What kind of gift can I make?

We are allowing both fanfiction and 2D-fanart currently. The minimum size requirements (there are no maximum size limits, so go as big as you want!), are listed in the rules.

Do I have to have a beta?

That'd be awesome. Need a beta? A beta request/offering post will go up in the Dreamwidth community shortly. The link will be added at that time.

What if I can't make the deadline?

If you won't be able to write or complete your fanwork for any reason, please CONTACT THE MODS ASAP. The email address is

I understand that things happen, but this is an exchange, and I want to make sure that everyone receives a gift. The sooner you let me know that you will not be able to participate, the sooner I can find a pinch hitter, so when fanworks go live, everyone will have a gift waiting for them.

So what's this pinch hitting thing?

Pinch hitters are awesome. If a creator can't complete their fanwork for any reason, a pinch hitter steps in and creates a fanwork so that everyone who participates gets a gift. Sometimes pinch hits come in early; some come in a rush before the posting date, but you will always be able to refuse for whatever reason. If you don't feel like you can do the exchange itself, please consider being on our pinch hit list. This will again be posted to the Dreamwidth community soon.

How do I contact the mod?

Your friendly mod for this challenge is: Sperrywink, who can be contacted at

I have more questions.

Please contact Sperrywink at
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